Connor Luke Goddard

Writing software for Renishaw plc.

Alumnus of Aberystwyth University.

Shrinking Violets

Shrinking Violets

Shrinking Violets is a small, independant furniture store specialising in the "up-cycling" of vintage furniture and antique household items.

As part of their expansion plans, I was approached to produce a new logo that would help the business to grow its brand and marketability, whilst continuing to reflect their "personal" touch to customer service and requirements.

Whilst my work was not subsequently selected for use by the business, it was certainly an interesting project to work on nevertheless.

Raised in Pembrokeshire, UK. Living & working in the Cotswolds. Develop for: Windows, iOS, Android & the web.

First Aider with St. John England; Guest lecturer;

Terrain Gradient Estimation (Major Project)

Terrain Gradient Estimation (Major Project)

Submitted in fulfillment of my final-year university dissertation, this project focussed on conducting research into real-time visual analysis of terrain gradient and obstacle conditions aboard all-terrain autonomous vehicles.

Through exploitation of visual depth cues observed from the percieved effects of motion parallax, research efforts focussed on extracting depth information using only a single consumer-grade colour camera.

Receiving a first-class grade for the accomplishments made, research on this project is continuing in conjuction with the Intelligent Robotics Group at Aberystwyth University, as and when time permits.

Key Technologies
Python, C++, OpenCV

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Renishaw is one of the world's leading engineering and scientific technology companies, with expertise in precision measurement and healthcare.

Whilst working as a software engineering intern, I became the sole designer and developer for the company's first publically-available mobile application, designed to complement a brand-new training package introducing new customers to the concepts of probing.

I was responsible for incorporating the company's "look and feel" into the aesthetic design, in addition to undertaking all the technical implementation, testing and deployment to the appropiate vendor stores (Google Play & App Store).