I'm a software engineer turned data scientist working in the UK renewable energy space. Having grown up along the Welsh coastline, I now live near the Cotswolds. I have a love for everything 80's (despite been born a decade too late), and could talk for too long on Synthwave music, Stranger Things and the original Game Boy. I also like to talk about my weird relationship with perfectionism1 as a way of helping me to break up with it. Also, photography, I like that too!

A waterfall at the Elan Valley, Wales.

Waterfall at the Elan Valley, Mid Wales, 2014. Taken on a Nikon D3100, my first DSLR camera.

Pure Planet

You'll currently find me working as a Data Scientist at Pure Planet, where I primarily focus on supporting the Sales and Marketing teams to drive improvements in customer acquisition, retention and long-term growth. I do this by working with my team to sift through the numbers and run experiments to identify and validate the levers that deliver optimal performance across channel conversion, customer lifetime value and churn reduction.

Since joining as the company's second data scientist in 2018, I've been fortunate to have helped to shape our ways of working with data and the relationship my team has with the rest of the business. Functioning somewhere at the intersection between data science and engineering, our team has ownership over the entire data stack - from infrastructure and extraction, to curation and visualisation - and split our time between the technical nitty gritty and delivering on the wider aims and needs of the business through the medium of data and analytics.

Some cool projects that I've worked on include the design and deployment of our cloud ETL platform from the ground up; the overhaul of measurement and analytics capabilities across the Pure Planet website and app and the launch of A/B testing and experiment-led design practices across the company's product base.

I've also spoken at a few events; most recently at the Searchstar Analytics & Conversion, 2021 & Beyond conference (June 2020), and before that at the Future Economy Network (Feb 2020).


From 2015 to 2017 I worked for Renishaw as a software engineer, firstly in the Core Metrology division and later in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Industry 4.0 product teams. Renishaw marked the official start of my software career, having first joined the company as an industrial placement student, and later returning during each summer break until eventually joining full time as a graduate.

I was privileged to contribute to a number of firsts at the company; the development of their first mobile app; the launch of the first Renishaw software product to run in the cloud, and the creation of the company's first IoT software platform.

At the start of 2018, I took a new path in my career, cutting my teeth as a junior data scientist through tackling problems involving time-series analysis and forecasting for the optimisation of manufacturing processes in AM hardware.

Abersytwyth University

From 2011 to 2016 I attended Abersytwyth University where I graduated with first-class honours in MEng Software Engineering. For my disseration, I undertook research into the estimation of terrain gradient conditions for off-road vehicular robots using an off-the-shelf colour camera.

Connor giving a lecture at Abersytwyth University.

Giving a lecture to second-year students at Abersytwyth University during my Masters year. It's the best picture I could find.

In my final year of study, I delivered a number of guest lectures as part of first and second-year web development modules, covering the practical introduction to Javascript frameworks and libraries, and a discussion of enterprise systems, including their design and motivations for use within large-scale web applications.

  1. Getting my perfectionism under control has and continues to be an ongoing battle that I'm slowly but surely winning - my hope is by talking about it as much as I can, over time it'll become less and less of big deal, until one day it ceases to even register. According to my personality type is ISFJ-T "Defender, which means I'm generally analytically-minded and take my responsibilites personally, but can be rather sensitive and meticulous to the point of perfectionistic - go figure.